Let’s Launch a New Blog

Class is over, and I feel like I have learned a thing or two. For the moment, the main lesson is that if I want to be blogging something creative, it won’t be particularly out of place on Tumblr. I plan on talking through some of my thoughts on that process here, as still something of my meta-blog, or blog about blogging.

The date seems appropriate. Monday, August 20th. I started kindergarten on August 20th. My parents got married on August 20th. It’s a good day. I like it.

Here we go.

So as my Twitter at least has been indicating, I have been trying to find a project to get me back into writing, because my spare time has really been going mainly to school in the past few years, or then the various geeky things I do, and I am about wrapped up on school. So what to write? I have a few projects in mind, and they will be cropping up on Tumblr.

The Mists of Juneau

One of my writing ideas is to write what I know. It’s the advice that’s given, and I will take it. I am in Juneau, Alaska, so I have some pretty unique circumstances here that I could write about. Going to make that happen. Not sure a timeline on this project, because I would like to combine it with pictures, since the Internet allows for that. So as I have started collecting some nice foggy pictures, the weather has finally gotten clear. Figures.

Scenes from a Hotel

Okay, needs a better working title. I want a project where I can do short scenes, practice some character and scene and description, have some fun… I am going to be looking at some various people in the rooms of a fake hotel. I figure a story a week, not sure when I will start, but that news will come too. I may even need a little help thinking of scenarios to put my characters in, so I may be reaching out to the community for that.


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2 Responses to Let’s Launch a New Blog

  1. dbcox says:

    Man, off to a rough start. The video feed looks like wasn’t working on my first Tumblr post, the link I gave was at first the one to my dashboard, and my mobile app didn’t do a lick of formatting on this post. I think maybe now things are as they should be?


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