My Interview!

Wondering if I was interviewed? I was! Check out my response here!



This week’s assignment is twofold. It will showcase a learning of one of the visual mediums above and also give you a chance to check out what your fellow classmates are doing and find out more about them and their blog.

Once you get in touch, I’d like you to conduct an interview with the blogger you are reaching out to. The interview should involve one of the visual tools noted above. Some examples include…

  • You email them questions, they answer in video form.
  • You host a podcast with fellow blogger.
  • You email questions, receive written answers and photos provided of the blogger along with images of their blog that are put into a slideshow.
  • You host a live stream that the other blogger joins you on.
  • Be creative. So long as you incorporate one of these methods into the process, the assignment will have been fulfilled. If you…

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One Response to My Interview!

  1. dbcox says:

    The video should be working now, if it was not before! Sorry all!


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