Amelia Earhart Crash Site Found?

After 75 years of searching, have we finally found the lost Amelia Earhart? So says The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) at this year’s Earhart Search 75 conference. What a way to lead off the conference! New evidence has been found – a jar of period anti-freckle cream – that places the crash on Nikumaroro Island in the southwestern Pacific.

We here at dbcox have been watching the evidence for years, and it seems the radio transmissions that some attributed to Earhart likely were her… but  by the time help was near Nikumaroro Island, her now-famous Lockheed Electra may have been swept away by the tides. With no aircraft to see from the skies, the island would have been easy to overlook. And as an unpopulated island, there would have been no help to find – which we would expect today, as Earhart was never found.

And now, what better way to commemorate the 75th anniversary than the TIGHAR expedition to try and find evidence of the sunken Electra?

Check out the original breaking story at Discovery News! And don’t forget to let us know what you think down below in the comments!

(Disclaimer: This is part of an assignment about building content for a blog, this post in particular about breaking a news story in a blog. The blog and its author make no actual claims about being a blog dedicated to Amelia Earhart, this was instead part of the assignment. The original breaking news can be found at CNN. Best of luck to the TIGHAR expedition!)


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