Some introduction

I suppose I should probably introduce what’s going on here, for anyone who isn’t doing this all along with me.

The distance program for the Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science requires a one week intense residency, wherein I am obtaining 4 credits.

It begins with a crazy amount of homework beforehand, to be ready to come in and begin understanding what is being said, and to start getting some grades back immediately. Which is nice.

The first class is IST 601: Information and Information Environments. We wrote a paper, did a group presentation, and had some lectures. There was even a card game – in which we learned that unwritten and unspoken rules are hard to change. The four professors were Dave Dischiave, Martha Garcia-Murillo, David Lankes, and Robert Heckman. I’m done with 601 already, it was two days over the weekend, and one credit.

I am now in IST 511: Introduction to the Library and Information Profession, taught by Scott Nicholson and Natasha Cooper from the university library. The library profession is a huge profession, with tens of thousands of locations across the country (think: a library in every town, university, and K-12 school). The information profession is more dealing with concepts of information – and information in context with people using said information. Lots of theory and practical issues at hand. The class will include guest speakers who are also alumni, group projects, and in advance included working with the library’s search tools, social networking and other new technologies, starting a blog (good luck finding mine), and some reading and response.

So that’s what I’m up to as I write about it here!


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